Thoughts On Boogie2988 & DDP

I’m very psyched for Boogie2988, who I started watching on YouTube this last year. While he’s hilarious, and has some great takes on the gaming industry, the thing that kept me watching was how genuine he was. He puts himself, all 550lbs of him, out to 1.9 MILLION people, every day. That’s courage, and it’s a big reason why I started doing these videos and blogs in the first place. In any case, over the weekend, he met and worked with Diamond Dallas Page of DDPYoga (also a 3-time WCW Champion) to help him get started on being more active, eating better, and “own his life,” which is one of DDP’s mantras.

I’ve been a big fan of wrestling for as long as I can remember, so DDP’s videos spoke to me in a way similar ones wouldn’t.  Instead, it hit me that I didn’t need to “die fat, die miserable,” as Boogie put it. Having the surgery gave me a boost, to be sure, but I have tried to incorporate some of DDP’s “program,” IF YOU WEEEL, into multiple facets of my life. I never had hope that I could change my life. Day by day, I’m being proven wrong, in the best way possible. You’re on the right path, Boog.

Interview with Diamond Dallas Page of DDPYoga!!:

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