Sunset Drift

Dusk approaches and I grab my keys
Doors shut, windows down, I take in the breeze
I hear your voice, and my senses awake

And with the sunset drift
You’re there with me again
But no matter how fast I drive
Moonlight can’t keep the memory of you alive

Dawn approaches and so does my fear
Of yet another day without you here
I hear your voice, but I’m still alone

And with the sunset drift
You’re there with me again
But no matter how fast I drive
Moonlight can’t keep the memory of you alive

Here the sunrise comes
But I can’t let you fade, not now
Praying for an eclipse
Pray that somehow, the axis slips
Pray for some sort of reprieve
In a heaven I wish I believed
Plead for more time without the light
Try to hold on with all my might

But in the sunlight’s view
Perhaps we can begin anew


You keep slipping away
Look me in the eyes
And see someone you recognize
Speak in words I can understand
But even if you can’t
I’ll never leave your side

Hold on. Please. For me.

You keep slipping away
Right before my eyes
And now I can recognize
I’ve asked too much of you
Asked far too much
I’ll never leave your side

Let go. Please. For me.

But leave you, I did
Too young to really understand
Too scared to face the truth
Too stupid to see that
Just being there was enough

Hold on. Please. For me.
Let go. Please. For me.
You can let go, Genita
It’s alright, Genita

Music Stuff

Since I haven’t been recording YouTube updates, I figured I’ll do some more posts on here.

As referenced in my videos and “About” section, I’m a musician. I play guitar and sing, and I have a few projects:

Dreaded Silence – Melodic / Doom metal: I’ve been in DS for 10 years now…My first gig was on 11/19/03! We’ve put out 3 EPs and a demo, and have an album in progress. Along the way, we’ve had a lot of great times, met a lot of awesome people, and shared the stage with some fantastic bands, both local and international. Joining DS is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I’ve been privileged to share the experience with a few of the greatest friends I’ll ever have.

Here’s a live clip of us playing “Portrait Of A Past Life” off of our upcoming album, The Last Vestige Of Hope:

Screaming Skylight – Atmospheric rock: My DS bandmate Mike put this together, and I’ll be doing some guitar or bass, as well as backing vocals. Really creative stuff, and catchy as hell. I can’t wait to have the full-length done.

Here’s “Greenlight” from the 2012 demo. A rerecorded version will be on the album:

Scott Green – Acoustic rock: Yep, a solo project as well. Some of this material is from as far back as ’97 or so! I’m hoping to get a proper recording at some point, but in the meantime, I’m content to play at open mics and gig here and there.

Here’s a video of me playing “Transient Grace” and “Greyscale Romance” on my birthday in 2010:

Anyways, just wanted to share my passion. Expect more music posts in the future (as well as other subjects)!