140! / New Body Quirks / Getting More Active

Went with my fiancee to the weight center the other day, and jumped on the scale to check – I’m down to 278…140 pounds! Crazy. I’ve really been focusing on eating better the last couple of weeks, and losing an additional 10 pounds shows that I’m on the right track.

Anyways, losing 140 pounds obviously means that your body will be changing dramatically. Lately, a couple of things have been more noticable to me, the first being that I’m growing wings. That’s right, wings:


This isn’t upsetting me as much as some people think. It’s amusing, actually. I was never worried about how I would look after the surgery, so having unsightly loose skin isn’t going to hamper the fact that I’m getting healthy. Plus, there are also benefits, like developing a jawline:


In other news, I went for a walk that turned into a jog. A jog.

What the hell, man?