When It Rains

So, as I’ve stated on the blog previously, my fiancee Amber has chronic migraines resulting from Chiari Malformation, which is a herniation of the brain stem (literally, her brain is too big for her skull). She had surgery to correct it 6 years ago, but her symptoms have worsened since then, which only occurs in 10-20% of people after surgery. It’s been a tough time, and with some of her “pre-surgery” symptoms returning in the last few months, I did a lot of research into revision surgeries, which people do need from time to time. We saw her neurosurgeon yesterday, and unfortunately, there’s nothing indicating that a revision surgery is even remotely necessary.

We’ve tried so many things at this point. She’s had Botox injections, nerve blocks, multiple-day infusions of a drug called DHE, and a myriad of medications. I have to put her pills together every week, and we keep a spreadsheet handy for doctor visits. She’s on narcotics, muscle relaxers, triptans…It’s a lot. We’ve tried taking her off of things to reduce side effects or possible interactions, but nothing ever works. The only route we haven’t really explored at the moment is medical marijuana, which is still in a grey area in Massachusetts, as only one dispensary has been opened, and is an hour and a half away.

Of course, this has been affecting our mood in a very significant way, and our diets have suffered as a result. We’ve been getting back on track to an extent, but it’s really difficult to keep up the good fight when everything seems so impossible. We’re both lucky to have amazing friends and family that have supported us through all of this. Most importantly, we have each other. It’s not always smooth, but considering our daily challenges, that’s to be expected.

In any case, the point of this is that I have found it really important to let the people who care about you in. Before my weight loss journey, I didn’t talk about my health, be it mental or physical. It’s made a huge difference, and despite everything, I’m in such a better place than I was. As always, if any of you are ever in a situation where you need to talk about something that’s weighing on you, my door is open.

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