An Admission

I had my “case ended” at my previous mental health facility in January due to a bad fit with my therapist at the time. Because of that, I missed several appointments since I dreaded seeing him (of course, I didn’t ask for a new therapist – brilliant idea). I spiraled pretty hard. My depression hit me like a truck, and being off my ADHD meds for 4 months really set me back a lot. It was like Old Scott was here to stay again. I stopped leaving the house, stopped talking to my friends, stopped talking to my family.

I’ve put 20 pounds back on. With depression comes food for me. I can’t overeat at meals any more, but I can eat all day long and I can make bad choices. Thankfully, those bad choices are still miles better than what they had been, but they’ve still been there. My willpower has taken a kick in the teeth. Make no mistake – there’s no excuse for this, but there is an explanation.

I’m back on meds now. I’ve gotten out more in the last couple of weeks than the previous 2 months or so. I’m making better choices. But it’s a hard road, and one I’m going to veer off of from time to time for the rest of my life. As always, I want to thank all of you for helping me find my way back during those times where I think everything is pointless.

Love to you all.

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